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Tauro’s Roofline products or fascia soffits and guttering are essential for any property as they do protect your home from English adverse weather conditions or unwanted pests. Well designed and installed roofline improving the overall character and enhancing your home.

The majority of homeowner’s roofline or fsg regrettably does go unnoticed, old rotten timber rooflines can look unsightly and cause significant water damage, which in most cases can be very expensive, remember that prevention is always cheaper than the cure, stop the rot before it is too late with our full replacement range of your fascias, soffits and guttering – extremely durable, weather-resistant & an attractive measure with very low maintenance.

Our professional installation teams shall clean all surrounding areas making the process hassle-free with no dust or mess left behind. Now that there is a noticeable change in the English weather old-outdated fascia and soffits are experiancing extreme adverse weather than what they were origionally accustomed too. All properties are required to have protection from weather conditions, especially in the colder winter months, but even more so during the drying out process in summer.

Our roofline systems come in a variety of designs and colours to suit all customer’s taste and homes.


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fascias soffits guttering leeds

Soffit And Fascia Leeds

We fully remove all the old rotten, outdated systems in wood and replace them with a brand new uPVC profile which is virtually 100% maintenance free.
All of our roofline replacements come complete with a plastic felt tray and bird guard as standard. Resulting in over fascia ventilation which allows lofts and attic spaces to be free of trapped moisture and condensation keeping them dry, fully ventilated and rot-free at all times.
Our full replacement method also eliminates birds, squirrels, and bats from nesting or burrowing in the upper part of your home ever again.

fascias soffits guttering leeds


The Bargeboards are essentially the same as Fascia boards but run up the sloping edge of the roof or gable. Our solid 20mm board provides strength, durability and character, which closes and conceals the otherwise exposed end of the timbers or purlins to the roof. They also protect all aspects of the weather and keep your roofline perfectly dry. As with all rooflines our bargeboards are made-to-measure on site and installed by highly trained qualified professionals and unified appearance with no unsightly gaps. We also use stainless steel poly pins or screws to eradicate future rust.

fascias soffits guttering leeds

Gutterng & Fallpipes

Tauro's guttering and downpipes are an effective durable rainwater system that protects your home from water damage by safely channelling rainwater away from the home ensuring efficient drainage of your roof.
Expertly manufactured for a safe durable weather-proof finish, we use solid boards up to 25mm thick offering much protection from adverse weather conditions and wider gutter clips to allow for thermal expansion and contraction.
All our roofline is rigorously tested to make sure it’s watertight to prevent any future leaks. We offer square or round downpipes to suit your property and we offer 3 different types of guttering profiles which also include the ogee profile to give a more decorative sculpted finish.
There is also a choice of 5 colours including white, black, brown, caramel and grey – ideal for traditional or contemporary homes.

fascias soffits guttering leeds

Flat Roof "Rubber"

Tauro Home Improvements Ltd is definately a name you can trust for the work on your Roofs, Bay windows and Garages either by appointment for a free quotation or genuine telephone service in your time of need.
Low-end installations or significant poor roof repairs can cause water pools that collates in areas of the flat roof, moisture can then damage the structural integrity of the roof in the most extreme circumstances. Our specialist roofing installers are trained, qualified and fully experianced in using innovative trade secrets or techniques with the Rubber Covering ensurring a seemless clean finish that is water and weather resistent well in to the future.
While it is impossible to eradicate water pooling completely on flat roofs, these materials deliver an endless finish that protects the internal structure of your roof for many years to come. Tauro's installations and workmanship comes with a fully transferable 10-year guarantee.

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